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ultimately adv
1 as the end result of a succession or process; "ultimately he had to give in"; "at long last the winter was over" [syn: finally, in the end, at last, at long last]
2 after everything has been considered; "in the final analysis, we are quite well off" [syn: in the last analysis, in the final analysis]

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  1. Indicating the last item.
    Firstly, ... Secondly, ... Ultimately, ...
  2. Indicating the most important action.
    Ultimately, he will have to make a decision before the end of the week.
  3. Recently
    Ultimately, I have been studying Greek at evening classes.


indicating the last item
indicating the most important action

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as things go, as times go, at bottom, at last, at length, at long last, at the end, at the last, basically, conclusively, essentially, eventually, finally, fundamentally, in conclusion, in due course, in due season, in due time, in fine, in time, last, lastly, once for all, someday, sometime, somewhere, sooner or later, yet
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